Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Hardest Part

Harrison Phelps never expected to see a ghost emerge from a pond and speak to him. Nor did he expect it to follow him to the Sullivan House, where he is forced to spend the night due to a blizzard. She haunts his dreams and seems to possess the eleven-year-old Elizabeth who lives in the house with her younger brother. It becomes apparent to Harrison that this girl, and perhaps the boy, have both been sexually molested by their father, who’s body was lost at sea. His spirit, however, is a different matter.

I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU by Jerry Gerold is an interesting ghost story filled with family drama and murder. Although the storyline held my attention, the characters had zero depth to them, and failed to invoke any emotions from me.

While I enjoy reading the author's work because of his unusual plot twists, Gerold seems to struggle with maintaining a balance between the interaction of  his characters and the action throughout his stories.

This is not his best work. However, I do recommend Gerold's Reclamation series. I'm looking forward to reading the fourth book, coming soon.

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