Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Not Today

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. 

And that's exactly what Arthur Rosenbaum was looking for -- the perfect woman. One who was, like him, a romantic, one who was who was pure. That was important because good little girls didn't do bad things. But Arthur had learned there were plenty of bad girls out there, bad girls who pretended to be good. Those girls needed to be punished. And he needed his faith in love restored. So all that nasty flesh became the pages upon which he "wrote" his stories, the fairy tales that mad him happy again and restored his faith in true love. Once the story was done, he was free to continue his search for the perfect woman. 

And then he meets Rowan, a "special" young woman who possesses a child-like innocence. She is perfect in every way, and Arthur feels as though he has finally found the one. But Arthur is about to realize that no fairy tale is complete without its villain, its evil witch... Its big, bad wolf. And to win the hand of princess he must first defeat this adversary. The question is, at 55 years old, is he up to the challenge?

THE GRIMM REAPER by Barlow Adams is a great mix of folklore, crime drama and, of course, horror. At first, I thought this would simply be a story about a serial killer because of the intense brutality. However, the author crafts Arthur's twisted quest into a macabre fairytale complete with a princess and a curse. The result is a chilling reminder about stranger danger.

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