Monday, March 18, 2019

Music Monday: Through Fire

Lots of people would agree, listening to some good music while reading can add an extra level to any fiction genre. Just as a musical score enhances a movie, the right album has the ability to transform a story into a very personal experience. I've often found myself thinking of specific characters when I hear a familiar song, particularly with certain bands.

This MUSIC MONDAY centers on THROUGH FIRE, one of the best things to come out of Nebraska, and a band I often play during my reading marathons. (For example: Caught by Lisa Moore, Need To Find You by Joseph Souza) As a matter of fact, I reviewed their album, BREATHE, in a 2016 post.

Just as the words of a novel evoke all kinds of thoughts, depending on the plot, the tracks on Breathe evoke all kinds of emotions. Whether it's a dark edge or a haunting melody, Through Fire presents several soundscapes throughout the album, inviting listeners to put themselves into someone else's mindset.

Unlike other bands, Through Fire isn't trying to help you work through your feelings, they're just providing a heavy release. With a mix of soulful vocals and clever riffs, Breathe creates an anti-mainstream sound which is certain to appeal to those who are sick to death of "formula" albums.

Whether you're looking for something just listen to or something to play while you're reading another mystery-thriller, be sure to check Through Fire.

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