Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bloody Kisses

Unaware of the vile task his partner in crime has planned during their last heist. Shane Clemis finds himself lost in a maze of darkness. While Don Williams tries to assault the woman who they think is sleeping in a bedroom upstairs.

Little does Don know, the woman is not as defenseless as he expects. And when he opens her bedroom door to attack. He finds himself in a world of pain that there is no escaping from.

Neither man can resist her. And only one will make it out Before Sunrise.

BEFORE SUNRISE by Shawn Weaver is a great vampire short, but the story looks like a rough draft. I think the author should polish it up because preternatural fans would really enjoy the surprise ending. Weaver succeeds in adding a new twist to the subgenre, and I wish the story had been longer.

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