Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday Tunes: Saint Asonia

This week's Tuesday Tunes centers on the Canadian-American band, SAINT ASONIA. Their self-titled debut album has a late 80s/early 90s sound to it. With tracks such as Better Place, Blow Me Wide Open, Even Though I Say and Waste of Time, the album sounds like a movie soundtrack with a roller coaster of emotion. Naturally, I found Saint Asonia to be the perfect backdrop for my nocturnal reading activities.

I specifically enjoyed listening to this album while making my way through the sci-fi/horror trilogy, When They Came, by Lair favorite, Kody Boye. What's a better combination than an an alien apocalypse and a rock supergroup? Not only does Saint Asonia give an extra depth to the terrifying and thrilling scenes created by Boye, but some of the tracks almost seem tailored for certain characters.

Words, whether they're set to music or printed on a page, can take anyone on one hell of a trip. Together? A ride you won't forget.

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