Thursday, March 7, 2019

Treasures Buried Soul Deep

Toothsome Tales:
Tusk---He's a dentist who likes a little adventure in his free time. She's his sexy neighbor with a thirst for the macabre stories behind the treasure he's collected over the years. It all starts with the words, "At heart, I am a collector of things..."
Sedation Dentistry---The zombie virus is loose and Doctor Ost's next patient has a little problem with tooth decay...

TUSK AND SEDATION DENTISTRY by Stephen A. North are two stories with a tooth theme. Tusk is a short story with one hell of a flashback to a frightening tale of exploration. Sedation Dentistry is a flash fiction piece about an appointment gone wrong.

I didn't think much of the second's not the quality of story-telling I've come to expect from North. However, the author has something horrifying and amazing with the first story. I would love a longer version. The discovery in the cave is absolutely captivating.

If you're looking for more short stories from North, I recommend his other double-feature, Like A Man and Purchase Order #2113-21A.

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