Friday, January 12, 2018

Guessing The Author's Intentions

The Others: Fit For Duty by N.M. Sinclair is more like flash fiction, and far too brief. It felt as though I was reading a summary rather than an actual story. I think the author has a very intriguing hook with the silver-haired woman, but there are only a couple moments with the character and hardly any action at all. I have no idea what Sinclair had in mind when writing this, but, instead of picturing an alien race invading from another planet, I imagined a race of silver-haired fae attempting to reclaim the Earth from humans.

Sometimes I wonder if I look too hard for a twist or if I read too much into an insignificant detail. I don't know if it's the result of the many different genres I read, or the multitude of stories I've read in the past forty years (been reading since I was 4 yrs old). I rarely accept a story at face-value. I'm often trying to guess how it will end.

I remember writing a poem about writer's block, and several people thought I had written a poem about murdering someone. I don't think I make that kind of stretch with any of the fiction I read, but sometimes my guesses are so far off, I have to reread a story to see where I went wrong.

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