Saturday, January 27, 2018

Long Lost Friends

The Mortality of Morris Meridian by Steven Pajak (author of the Mad Swine series) is a novella about a reunion of two veterans while Morris is dying from cancer. The author takes a bit too long to introduce Harrison into the story and I'm concerned potential readers would give up before they even reach the flashback, which is the heart of the story. I think the combat memory could've functioned as a stand-alone story without any of the hospital scenes. Harrison is such an interesting character, I think Pajak could write a mini-series about his travels through the years.

While I don't have any friends quite like Harrison, I know what it's like to reunite with someone unexpectedly, after many years have gone by. A boy I hung out with as a child in Virginia reappeared in my life years later in Hawaii. I don't have the words to describe the joy I felt bumping into a friend I didn't think I would ever see again in my life. We didn't fall in love and get married, or anything like that, but knowing there are some bonds that cannot be broken by miles or time keeps me hopeful about the randomness of life.

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