Sunday, January 7, 2018

Question Everything

Rescue by Sharath Komarraju appears to take place in India. The story has several ups and downs as the tragic family history is revealed. Although the reader is led to believe Vali's mother has come back to save her from a terrible fate, the scene with the well made me question Ratna's true intentions. The conversation between the father and the doctor also had me wondering if Ratna's perception of events is a result of mental illness. The author uses misdirection to amplify the horror of uncertainty, and the choice of the girl's name, Pravallika, is the perfect touch.

I've often wonder why readers are so quick to believe what is being revealed to them through the POV of the narrating character. Isn't it possible, for one reason or another, the character is mistaken about events? Maybe the character is lying to herself and, as a result, feeding misinformation to the reader.

I've always known, if enough time is spent with a character or a group of characters, readers become sympathetic and attached to that POV on a personal level...but I've only recently realized that readers are also likely to be biased in favor of the main POV as well.

Is it the author manipulating our emotions or is it simply human nature to choose a character to root for?

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