Saturday, January 13, 2018

Motivated by the End of the World

Reserves by Jason Torfin is a post-apocalyptic tale told from a sheltered and bed-ridden young man. While not much physical action happens, the mystery of his father's vision, and the survival prepping that follows, is quite captivating. I wish there had been more interaction between the family members, but the lack of conversation emphasizes the isolation surrounding the narrator.

The father in this story made me think of the father in the movie Take Shelter. Both had visions of a horrifying future event, but the character in the movie had limited financial means and everyone thought he was going crazy. However, both men are equally determined to save their families. One train of thought leads to another...

If we have a vision, suggesting the future has already been decided, what's the point of trying to change it? Greek mythology is full of people who try to change events, only to become the ones who cause the very thing they're trying to avoid. Is it possible to dream of an event that will take place, but with details which are yet to be determined?

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