Monday, January 15, 2018

When Gaming Takes Over Your Life

Dead Pixel by Jeremy Kush is an unusual flash fiction piece about a guy playing a virtual reality game for the first time, while he live streams the event. Some readers may have a difficult time visualizing this story...the typos don't help...key words are misspelled, adding some confusion as to what the gamer is actually seeing. The macabre nature of the game provides a good hook, but this story would be better suited for a film short.

Every so often, I come across a short story which would be better off in some other form...either a novel, a television episode or a full-length movie. Sometimes it's the format of the story that needs to change, but other times I think an author needs to change their writing profession. I know authors who are fantastic at short stories, but couldn't write a novel to save their lives. There have even been a few writers who I thought would do better writing screenplays. Regardless of the situation, most of them have great story ideas which deserve more attention.

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