Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Flash Fiction

Voices in the Wind by Joshua Scribner is a flash fiction piece about a man and his history with tornadoes. Scribner delivers a story as powerful as a force of nature in a matter of minutes. I love the originality and look forward to reading more from this master of short stories. Scribner has been one of my favorite authors for years now, and a regular at the Lair.

I love reading, but some days I'm lucky to get five minutes to myself, so I've really enjoyed all the authors releasing short story singles through Amazon. With the shorts and flash fiction, I'm guaranteed variety and my own buffet of authors to choose from. Regardless of what mood I'm in, I can usually find something to give me the literary fix I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, many of my favorite short story authors have stopped writing for one reason or another and it's been difficult finding serious story-tellers to take their places...however, I have a few anthology reviews coming up for those of you looking for your next quickie, so keep checking back.

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