Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When Memories Haunt You

You're Not Welcome Here by Jill Van Den Eng is a fantastic ghost story. I didn't think too much of it at first, but as soon as I reached the major plot twist, I sat straight up and rushed to see how it would end. Without giving anything away, this is so much more than a simple haunting. Having the story narrated by the dead mother/wife is the perfect choice. This might make my top ten list for 2018.

I am one of those idiots that was warned repeatedly not to screw around with a Ouija board, but I did it anyway. During my college year, there was a night my curiosity got the best of me. It didn't help that I had a friend who was obsessed with the movie The Craft. To this day, I'm grateful we used the board at her place and not mine.

We attempted to contact any random spirit, but nothing happened. This is when I have another attack of stupid: I decided to try to use it myself...I felt the centerpiece pull away from me and screamed bloody murder. Adding to my horror, every book and movie my friend owned proceeded to spill forth from her living room shelves, surrounding us in chaos.

We fled from the room, running into her bedroom, jumping on the bed and holding onto each other like frightened little children. It remained quiet and uneventful for several minutes, so we ventured back into the living room, threw the board into the outside garbage and never spoke of it again.

Nothing more ever happened, but I've been fearful of those boards ever since.

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