Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Something Something Something

The Death Machine by Tony Rabig doesn't really go anywhere, ever. I'm not sure why it is listed in the horror genre on Amazon, when it's clearly missing key components such as suspense and action of any kind. It's as if the author wrote an esoteric essay and tried, unsuccessfully, to disguise it as flash fiction. I normally enjoy thinking stories, but this one is all thinking and no story.

I appreciate authors who attempt to do more than merely entertain with their creations, but every now and then, I stumble across an author who seems only interested in letting readers know what a deep-thinker he is...or how smart she is...and they seem to miss the entire point of storytelling. It's not unlike a movie filled with amazing special effects and zero plot.

When approaching fiction in any genre, readers expect to be entertained. Reading is not something that can be done passively...when such an effort is put forth, it's only natural to want something in return. The number one reason most people read fiction is to escape reality and experience something new. Who wants to go through a door, only to find themselves in an empty closet?

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