Sunday, January 28, 2018

Need More of Moreland

Dark Needs by Brian Moreland is a diverse collection of five horror stories:

THE DEALER OF NEEDS adds a supernatural twist to a story of addiction.

OFFSPRING is a story of desperation with an extremely dark and shocking ending.

HOLOMORPH is more science fiction than the other stories and is a frightening look at the possible future of social media.

BEAST OF WINTER is flash fiction with a strong folklore element, but it's not nearly as good as the other stories.

CHASING THE DRAGON is reminiscent of cultural mythology, with a difficult lesson to learn for a modern man.

I enjoyed reading this collection so much, I wish there had been more than five stories.

Addiction is its own demon...thankfully, it's one I haven't had to deal with personally, but it is a struggle I have witnessed among friends. It's not always a substance addiction...sometimes it's an unhealthy relationship, sometimes it's a self-destructive behavior...hell, what addiction doesn't wreck the other aspects of an addict's life?

The idea that addiction could be made worse with a supernatural element is soul-crushing. It also present the chicken-and-egg question: which comes first? Would an addiction open one up to a demonic attack? Or would a demonic encounter drive a person into something they wouldn't normally do?

Gotta love these stories that find a way to make everything worse...

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