Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Some Kids Suck

Reborn by Robert Atkins is an unusual coming of age story with a supernatural twist. I think it would've worked better as flash fiction, without the lengthy set-up...took quite a while to get to the action and, even then, one of the characters started monologuing just as things become somewhat interesting. Despite the backstory, I didn't feel anything for any of the characters, so I couldn't get into this story.

This used to be my favorite sub-genre in the 1990s. After 9/11, zombies became my favorite monster, although the people in zombie stories are usually worse than the infected. The way my perspective changed from one decade to the next, I'm not surprised. Some monsters symbolized the inner struggle of the individual, while the rest represented society and the issues we have as a group, and I am more interested in how people interact with each other...especially characters tossed into apocalyptic situations.

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